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The Advocacy Arm of the JAX Chamber

JAX Alliance is the advocacy arm of the JAX Chamber, working to enact business-friendly policy that encourages sustainable economic growth in Northeast Florida. Our committee works together to make formal policy recommendations to the JAX Chamber Board of Directors.

What we Do

JAX Alliance is composed of business leaders across all sectors who discuss and assess policy issues to make a recommendation to the Chamber Board of Directors. These issues can include decisions relating to sparking downtown development, bolstering international trade, or making it easier for companies to do business in Jacksonville.

Join the Jax Alliance

Once you’ve committed to the JAX Chamber at an investment level of $5,000 or more, your business will be eligible to participate in JAX Alliance and help us drive policy change.

Government Affairs Committee

One of the fundamental strengths of the JAX Chamber is the ability to engage and educate decision makers at all levels of government on business-friendly policy that will stimulate and sustain responsible economic growth. The Government Affairs Committee helps prioritize the key issues for each level of government and then works to develop action plans for staff and volunteers to execute.

How does the Chamber decide on which policy items to focus on?





Prior Issues of Engagement

Higher Education/Workforce Development

Our higher education institutions are graduating incredible talent. But in order to meet the growing demand, we need more. As a region, we advocated for significant investments in higher education during the 2023 legislative session. Successes included $75 million for a University of Florida graduate campus in Downtown Jacksonville, $25 million in recurring operational funding for the University of North Florida, $2 million in continued funding for the EPIC Program at Jacksonville University and $600,000 for a Veterans Center for Excellence at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Littoral Combat Ships

Advocated for a consistent number of Freedom-Class Littoral Combat Ships at Naval Station Mayport during the D.C Fly-In. More than 100 Chamber members signed onto a letter sent to every member of Congress urging the House to defeat an amendment that would have decommissioned all nine ships. The amendment was defeated last summer and, in December 2022, the National Defense Authorization
Act ensured five of the nine ships remain in Jacksonville, keeping thousands of jobs in the region.

Downtown Investment Authority

Supported the Downtown Investment Authority’s (DIA) updated Business Investment and Development Plan to incentivize needed amenities downtown, including waterfront restaurants, boutique hotels and small-scale residential. The changes also give developers a clear approval timeline and allows them to earn incentives by including desired amenities. The plan unanimously passed the City Council in June 2022.

Capital Downtown Projects

The Chamber was part of a team of business leaders and organizations that advocated for a significant increase in capital funding in the 2022-23 Jacksonville city budget to invest in major downtown projects, including a new bulkhead and an extension of the Northbank Riverwalk; Riverfront Plaza; McCoy’s Creek Outfall Improvements with Riverwalk and other elements that will create and complement the
transformational Emerald Trail project.

Shipyards Project

Supported the multi-use development by the Jaguars on the Shipyards property. The Jaguars sought and received community input on the project, gaining consensus from residents and the business community. Chamber volunteer leadership spoke at DIA and City Council meetings in favor of the project, which the City Council approved unanimously in October 2021. The project includes the Miller Electric Performance Center, which is under construction and scheduled to open later in 2023, a marina, and a Four Seasons hotel.

JAX Alliance Signature Events

Tallahassee Drive-In

Tallahassee Drive-In

Members travel to the state capitol during the legislative session to lobby on behalf of Northeast Florida business issues. The Drive-In provides attendees the opportunity to speak with Northeast Florida legislative members and other experts about driving policy and change on important issues in our community.

DC Fly-In

DC Fly-In

As the voice of the local business community, JAX Alliance members represent more than 3,000 members in Washington. This trip is critical in keeping Jacksonville on the map by connecting elected representatives on strategic opportunities for our city.

Pulse on Policy

Quarterly breakfasts for Leadership Level members of the JAX Chamber to hear from key legislators on topics that have direct impact for businesses in our region.

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