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The Florida Theatre, in partnership with WJCT, is happy to announce Orleans live at the WJCT Soundstage on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

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The Florida Theatre is pleased to welcome 1964 The Tribute on Friday, November 6, 2020.


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The Florida Theatre is pleased to welcome Judy Collins and Arlo Guthrie on Wednesday, January 20, 2021.

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Supported Employment Empowers Adult with Differences to Hit Career Milestone

Cambryn Doran is Celebrated for 15 Years with Safe Management

Published Friday, February 28, 2020



Cambryn Doran has been a participant in Pine Castle’s Adult Day Training program for more than 20 years and has been employed through Pine Castle’s Community Employment division for 15 years. The program provides supported employment services that assist in job development, application and interview support, workplace accessibility and adaptation, and on-the-job skills training with regular follow-up. Pine Castle’s goal is to help First Coast employers hire the right people through a free staffing and placement service


In 2003, Cambryn had the opportunity to meet Delores and Wayne Weaver at an event hosted to celebrate their $1 million pledge to the United Way of Northeast Florida. He was invited to speak at the event to represent those impacted by the gift. While on stage with the Weavers, Cambryn stated, “Mr. Weaver, Mrs. Weaver, I want to thank you for all you did. If there’s anything I can do for you, just let me know. I’ll come back.” A photo of the three of them made it into the newspaper, and after the event Cambryn was presented with an AFC jacket.


In 2004 Cambryn participated in a panel discussion on employment at the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) Florida Business Leadership Network kickoff, with then Governor Jeb Bush. During the panel he shared his dream of working for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The following year, he was referred to Vocational Rehabilitation for job placement services. In 2005, Cambryn was placed in his dream job as a member of the guest services team at the then Jacksonville Municipal Stadium through S.A.F.E Management.


Every game day Cambryn gets up, puts on his uniform, and commutes from his home to the stadium before working his shift. He works both NFL and College Football games, along with the Monster Truck Show each year at the Stadium and concerts and football games at the Veteran’s Memorial Arena. During his shifts he operates elevators and escalators, chats with guests, and answers their questions. He has gotten to know many of the fans who come to Jaguar games on a regular basis. “All season long I see this cat every Sunday,” says Cambryn. “He has a big teal beard. He’s what they call a diehard fan. He comes in at my entrance. I love how passionate he is.”


In February 2020, Cambryn celebrated his 15th anniversary working at the stadium, greeting fans on game day at Gate #03. He was recognized with an award for 15 years of service at a special awards ceremony banquet at TIAA Bank Field.


With the support of his family, job coaches, and the stadium staff, Cambryn has been able to achieve a career milestone that many people without differences never reach – working for 15 years at a job he loves. He gives much of the credit for this to his supervisor, Erin Ware, who he says treats everyone on her staff well, accommodates their needs, and remembers personal details about them. Cambryn’s mom, Cheryl, gives a lot of the credit to Pine Castle, stating, “This job has been very important to Cambryn and to our family. Cambryn receives a lot of positive reinforcement through the job. He wouldn’t have been able to hit this milestone without the support of Pine Castle and his job coaches checking in regularly and helping him to be successful.” But wherever outside credit is due, Cambryn’s hard work and dedication deserve the majority of the credit for his success. He set a goal and never gave up on making his dream of working with the Jaguars a reality. Congratulations on a job well done!


To learn more about Pine Castle’s Community Employment program and how it can benefit your company, contact Pine Castle at (904) 733-2650.



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