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WJCT today announced three additions to its Board of Trustees, as the community-owned and operated public media organization officially confirmed approval for Dr. A Zachary Faison, Jr., Hugh Greene and James L. Liang to their first three-year terms at its September 24 annual meeting

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“MEET IN JAX” is a Visit Jacksonville Sales and Services initiative to bring even more meetings and events to our city.

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Feeding Northeast Florida announces the launch of its first Corner Market mobile panty, in partnership with the Michael Ward and Jennifer Glock Foundation

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GloDea's RidePower Sports Vehicle Phone Charger Cable Available at J&P Cycles, Continuing Distributor Momentum

Published Tuesday, May 31, 2016 4:45 pm



GloDea®’s RidePower phone charger cable is now available on the J&P Cycles website, continuing the expansion of the distributor network. Another major global distributor announcement is anticipated next week, said Dan Miller, President of North America Business at GloDea®.


“It has been a great experience working with the J&P team to add the RidePower to the J&P product line,” Miller said.


J&P Cycles (, with headquarters in Irving, TX, is the world’s largest aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories superstore.


Adrenaline junkies and weekend warriors have several ways of enjoying their free time, including: hitting the links, bouncing through waterways or cruising the open road. Culturally, smartphones continue to be the device of choice for how we enjoy music, obtain location and map information, get our news and capture memories, making the dependability on these devices as important as our recreational time. However, using your camera, texting, GPS and music streaming quickly drains your phone or device battery. The ability to live an active and thrill seeking life while staying powered is essential.


RidePower is a compact, water-resistant, advanced circuit protection cable that connects your device to multiple sports vehicles.


GloDea®’s patent-pending advanced technology automatically senses and adjusts from 12 volts to 48 volts based on the voltage of your vehicle’s battery, making it capable of attaching to your motorcycle, watercraft, scooter, golf cart and more. RidePower was developed by Jacksonville, FL, inventor Steve Young. For Steve, partnering with GloDea® was key to the success of this product.


“When I invented this technology, I knew it was going to solve a big problem for a lot of people, and I needed innovative thought leaders with global retail distribution as well as an online presence that would compete fiercely in the sports vehicle space,” Young said. “That’s why I knew GloDea® was the right partner for my success. Their global footprint and shared values of product excellence tied perfectly with my own.”

“We are thrilled with the performance of this product,” Miller said. “We’ve been listening to the consumers in the sports vehicle accessories market for a long time and understood the shortcomings of other products already in the marketplace. In producing RidePower, we knew we had to accomplish four key objectives: it had to be easy to use, streamlined, safe for a wide range of vehicles, including golf carts, and compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.”


Orders for RidePower have been shipping since March. A longer 10-foot version will begin shipping in June. Visit or one of our distributors or retailers. To learn more about GloDea®, visit or call (888) 400-4937. Email inquiries may be addressed to


About RidePower

RidePower is a simple and dependable cable charger for rugged mobile applications that is the exception to other charging devices. RidePower is resistant to water, snow, dust and dirt and will not short out the battery or devices on a wide range of power sports vehicles. RidePower is an invention by Steve Young, founder of of SeaNick LLC. Young is a retired Marine Veteran with more than 30 years of military and private industry experience and is an active member of the Jacksonville, FL community. In case of an emergency, a charged cell phone can make all the difference. RidePower is compatible on any vehicle with a 12-volt to 48-volt battery, including golf carts, watercraft, motorcycles, snowmobiles, scooters, ATVs, tractors, and most riding mowers. Compatible with Android and iPhone, RidePower doesn't draw any power unless it is connected to a phone. For more information, please visit


About GloDea

GloDea® is a product design and manufacturing company based in Jacksonville, FL. Working with a global network of designers and inventors, GloDea specializes in the development of unique products that possess global market appeal including multiple furniture lines, innovative electronics and technologies and distinctive promotional items and more. The GloDea® brand founded by Ignacio Santos in 2009 is internationally recognized and respected with sales channels that include more than 100 affiliated websites, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. For more information, visit


Media Contact

Dan Miller

President North America Business

GloDea Corp.

Mobile (904) 312-0175