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Friends of Hemming Park presents the world-famous Princeton Tigertones in Hemming Park on Thursday, March 21, 2019. The Douglas Anderson Show Choir will open at 12:00 pm with the Tigertones performing at 12:30.  

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Timucuan Parks Foundation is pleased to announce Talbot Islands State Parks will be hosting two local events in conjunction with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

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The Jumbo Shrimp are continuing their commitment to serving the city of Jacksonville and its surrounding areas by introducing the club’s new A Better Jacksonville Series.

Main Street Bridge Twilight

Member Spotlight: Formativ Health






Formativ Health offers best-in-class contact centers powered by tech that's been refined by years of helping patients get what they need. They make it easier than ever to schedule and coordinate care, clearing the administrative barriers that get in the way of lasting patient relationships. With over 400 employees, and 300+ in their Jacksonville office, they're dedicated to making doctor visits easier for both the patient and the provider.


Founded in 2016, Formativ was spun out from Northwell Health, a large health system in New York. Northwell had drawn on their years of serving to develop what would become Formativ Health, a service center built to improve the way patients interact with their providers. From that foundation, Formativ began to develop technology to support their services. They created a platform that improves the scheduling, payment, insurance, and appointment logistics process across the board, improving the patient experience at every turn.


Now, as they look to the future, Formativ is working expand their services, continue to build more technology, and refine their processes for even greater efficiency. If you're interested in learning more, or seeing what jobs are open in Jacksonville, please visit