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JAX Chamber Members in the News | Feb. 23 - March 1

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JAXUSA Partnership, a division of the JAX Chamber, welcomed Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., president and CEO, TIAA as keynote speaker for the 1st quarter luncheon.

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On Thursday, March 30 from 11am – 1pm at the Prime Osborn Convention Center, The Salvation Army’s Women’s Auxiliary will present the 31st annual Celebrity Chefs fundraiser.

Southbank Marina - Twilight

Contacting our staff directly at JAX Chamber

JAX Chamber Main Line: 904-366-6600

JAX Chamber Fax Line: 904-355-4235



Daniel Davis, President and CEO or 904-366-6660

Alexandra Allerding, Executive Assistant or 904-366-6660


Beaches Division & Chamber Councils

John Bryan, Director, Chamber Councils or 904-273-5366

Kathy Sutton, Manager, Beaches Division or 904-273-5366


Communications and Public Relations

Matt Galnor, Vice President of Public Affairs or 904-366-6614

Leah Goodwyne, Communications Manager or 904-366-6626                                                 

David Johnson, Design and Social Media Manager or 904-366-6689


Community Outreach

Shamika Wright, Director or 904-366-6634


Entrepreneurial Growth

Carlton Robinson, Vice President, Entrepreneurial Growth or 904-366-6650

Shirley Moore, Manager, Small Business Center or 904-366-6618

Evone Pina, Manager, Entrepreneurial Growth Programs or 904-366-6655

Ashlea Justice, Coordinator, Entrepreneurial Growth or 904-366-6623



Jacquelyn Lowe, Senior Manager or 904-366-6675

Ashley Lyon, Manager or 904-366-6638

Alanna Hurlbert, Coordinator or 904-366-6627


Finance, Accounting and Human Resources

Dawn Adams, Chief Financial Officer and President, JAX Chamber Foundation or 904-366-6613

Ming Leese, Staff Accountant / Accounts Receivable or 904-366-6642

Emily Marquez, Staff Accountant / Accounts Payable or 904-366-6624

Nan Davis, Manager, Contracts or 904-366-6631

Nancy Gaines, HR Manager or 904-366-6622



Amanda Patch, Trustee Director or 904-366-6662


JAX Alliance

Christopher Quinn, Vice President, Industry and Government Affairs or 904-366-6668                                      

Brince Manning, Manager, Government Affairs or 904-366-6658

Alan Mosley, Vice President of Transportation, Energy and Logistics or 904-366-6643

Kelsey Cox, PE, Director, Industry Affairs or 904-366-6695


JAX Chamber Foundation

Dawn Adams, President, JAX Chamber Foundation and Chief Financial Officer, JAX Chamber or 904-366-6613

Kathy Bolesworth, Manager, JAX Chamber Foundation or 904-366-6633


Jacksonville Women's Business Center, a program of the JAX Chamber Foundation

Pat Blanchard, Director, Jacksonville Women’s Business Center or 904-366-6640

Kathy Bolesworth, Manager, Jacksonville Women's Business Center or 904-366-6633


Member Relations

Jill Sprowell, Chief Membership Officer or 904-366-6699

Misty Galeani, Director or 904-366-6653

Amanda Patch, Trustee Director or 904-366-6662

Monisa Thompson, Coordinator or 904-366-6679

Barbie Kreacic, Sales Coordinator or 904-366-6628

Khashilah Butler, Coordinator or 904-366-6636



Kelly Pourciau, Chief Operating Officer or 904-366-6646

Becky Arnold, Manager, Office & Facilities or 904-366-6648

Wendy Havens, Technology Manager or 904-366-6685

Megan Bell, Part-Time Assistant




Stephanie Deimling, Senior Account Manager or 904-366-6611 or 904-859-1898 (cell)

Meg Hynes, Account Manager or 904-366-6693 or 904-521-8927 (cell)

Tina Robbins, Senior Account Manager or 904-366-6659 or 904-568-0568 (cell)

Diane Wilson, Senior Account Manager or 904-366-6635 or 904-716-3959 (cell)


JAXUSA Partnership

Jerry Mallot, President, JAXUSA Partnership, and Executive Vice President, JAX Chamber or 904-366-6652

Kimberly Anding, Executive Assistant or 904-366-6652


Business Development

Aaron Bowman, Senior Vice President or 904-366-6671

Cathy Chambers, Senior Vice President or 904-366-6667

Broderick Green, Senior Director or 904-366-6629

Ashley Folladori, Director or 904-366-6684

Katie Howell, Senior Coordinator, Marketing Events or 904-366-6641

Monique Davis, Coordinator or 904-366-6690


Business Intelligence & Marketing

Melanie Moore, Senior Director or 904-366-6676

Gabrielle Zurita, Senior Marketing Director or 904-366-6670

Tien Flowe, Senior Manager or 904-366-6661



Mike Breen, Senior Director or 904-366-6682


Workforce Development

Tina Wirth, Vice President or 904-366-6651

Patrick Murphy, Manager or 904-366-6615

Beth Pupke, Coordinator or 904-366-6656